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Rumbidzai Gwinji - Mine Manager

Rumbidzai Gwinji is the mine manager at Zimbaqua. A great team leader, Rumbidzai is confident and leads the mine in its everyday workflow. Before working at Zimbaqua, Rumbidzai never had a stable job and survived on training contracts which were very hard to get. Thanks to her contract with the mine, she is now financially stable and can provide for herself and her daughter.


Rutendo Chigwajara - Assistant Mine Manager

Rutendo came to work at the mine as a general pit worker in 2019 and is now the Production manager. Rutendo is responsible for all machinery on site and has become an expert in machinery handling and maintenance. She is currently going through training to become an excavator operator and her goal is to also become the site mechanic. Rutendo is 43-year-old single mother of 3.


Senzeni Tohuma - Pit Supervisor

Senzeni is a native of Karoi and has years of experience working in the fields. Senzeni is respected amongst her team mates, she is hands-on and leads the way at the mine site. She is passionate about geology and eager to learn more. Senzeni is 40 years old, married and the mother of 3 children.

Our Founders

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Iver Rosenkrantz

A trained gemologist, Iver has over ten years’ experience sourcing gemstones across all parts of Africa. Based in Tanzania, Iver has built a series of iconic African luxury brands whose hallmarks are sustainability, empowerment and growth.  Iver brings this unique knowledge and expertise to lead sales and marketing for Zimbaqua and to broadcast its important message to the world.

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Patrick Tendaye Zindoga

With over a decade in the construction industry, Patrick is passionate about the benefits that entrepreneurial energy can bring to the economy when done in a sustainable way. He is a champion of job creation and the environment and has been active in driving new opportunities to empower the youth of Zimbabwe.  Patrick brings his experience of managing small and large scale construction projects to the management and development of the Zimbaqua mine.



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