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Jewellery Care

Our jewellery is handmade by talented artisans and built to last. The gemstones in our jewellery feature aquamarine gemstones that have been unearthed in the Zimbaqua mine. The base metal in most our jewellery is 14kt yellow gold vermeil. All our jewellery is free of lead, nickel and cadmium.

How to store your Jewellery

- All our pieces are delivered in a branded box and storage pouch. Keep your jewellery in the box or the pouch, avoiding moisture and direct sunlight. This is the best way to protect your jewellery from damage and dirt while you aren’t wearing it.
- Sudden temperature changes and excessive heat can fracture some gemstones, and heat can easily remove the natural moisture that some gemstones need to keep their beauty.
- Swimming with a piece of jewel
lry is not recommended as the chlorine in the water can potentially cause discoloration or damage to the item.
- Exposure to chemicals can harm some gemstones and damage or discolour precious metals; gold, silver and platinum
- Everyday substances like hair sprays, lotion, perfume and/or other cosmetics can contain chemicals that can permanently damage delicate gems

Returns & Refunds

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