BBC visits the mine


Our Story goes live

At the end of February we had a team from BBC, who came all the way to the Zimbaqua mine to meet the team and see what we have archived. We appreciate the interest in our work and look forward to seeing our story go live. 

The name “Aquamarine” originates from the Latin meaning "water of the sea" and is the blue to blue-green variety of Beryl. It’s beautifully delicate blue colour is derived from iron. Other well-known gem varieties of Beryl include emerald, morganite and heliodor.

Aquamarine is formed when magma under the earth crust interact with mineral rich rocks (pegmatites). The aquamarine is formed in pegmatites once these rocks are heated and interact with the magma. The pegmatites are formed in the final stages of magma crystallisation.

Because of the way aquamarine is formed, it is found mainly in rocky or mountainous areas of the world – in particular Africa, India, South America, Russia and North America.