BBC visits the mine

At the end of February we had a team from BBC, who came all the way to the Zimbaqua mine to meet the team and see what we have archived. We appreciate the interest in our work and look forward to seeing our story go live. 

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Work in progress

The past couple of weeks we have been getting an unusual amount of rain, which is great for the farmers but a little challenging for the work at the mine. Our pits have been full of water and by the time we finish pumping it out, the rains have started again. 


Tapiwa is a 23 years old single mother. She was married until one day where her husband decided to get a second wife. From this point on her life turned into a nightmare. She was bullied and abused to the point where she was forced to sleep outside the house while being pregnant...


Yedzai is 54 years old. Since her husband passed away in 2008 she has been alone with her 4 children surviving from her small farm. The yield was rarely enough for the family to survive. Yedzai is very excited about Zimbaqua and sees it as an opportunity for a better future for her and her children.


Esther is 34 years old and has two children. Esther’s husband is disabled from the waist down and not able to walk or work. His condition has gotten worse over the years leaving Esther to be the one to support the family. The family was struggling to survive...


Rozy is 69 years old. In 2017 Rozy’s husband feel from the roof of their house and died from his injuries. Rozy was left with their 6 children. Rozy works as part of the landscaping team at Zimbaqua. The opportunity has changed her life and she loves her job. 


Rutendo is 40 years old and a single mother of 3 children. Her husband left her 4 years ago for another woman and she had to find a way to sustain her family. It was a very hard time for her and the community looked down on her. She worked in the fields but was struggling to survive.